Friday, March 20, 2009

Urina Lot of Trouble

Guys, if there is one thing I don't know a lot about, it's urinals. And from what I hear, men and talking in bathrooms don't mix - that might also mean men talking about bathrooms, but to be honest, I've heard some good stuff on the DL.

For example, urinal height. It never really occurred to me until someone mentioned it, but seems to me this can be a major contributing factor to your overall self-relieving experience.

Which brings us to the topic of urinal mechanics. One acquaintance has informed me he did a photo journalism project in college on various types of urinals - 12 in all, I believe, from basically troughs, to - I don't know what. Unfortunately, the images are all on slides. Not digital.

And now there are green urinals! And we don't mean the color green. Our friend Vijay wrote this piece for the Christian Science Monitor on one company that is promoting the use of "waterless urinals."

Ah, how we miss the Mapparium. That place had great bathrooms!


Pipa said...

Thanks! I did mean to find out about your blog from Kristina G.

Tina said...

I thought generally that the urinal height problem was solved by the "wall of water"-style urinals. It certainly took me quite a few visits to male bathrooms by accident before I worked out what the weird green soap-like thing floating in them was (for).

Anonymous said...'s Irish Spring! :)