Monday, August 20, 2012

All the Pretty Colors

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't posted to the blog in a while. But I haven't forgotten about it! Every now and then I'll get an email out of the blue, or a text from a friend about an interesting toilet, or toilet-related something that they've found. And then I'll think to myself, "Hey, I should start writing on the blog again!"

Our newest, very enthusiastic Agent, VBR (the "BR" stands for Big Red, in case you were wondering, not that you were), just recently watched a BBC documentary about toilets.

And he also sends us this:

 A thermochromatic urinal, also posted on Geeky Gadgets. Neither of these sources has any information on where this colorfully interactive urinal is located, though I'd love to tell you where it is so you guys can go hang out and drink extra fluids so that you can spend the afternoon making pretty pictures with your pee...

Yes, it's a little more "people doing their business" than I normally post, but you kind of need to see it to get the full effect of the technology. And hey, why not come back with a bang? Or a whizz...

My only question is...what about splashback? I guess that's their problem, not mine.

Welcome back to the TP Blog!