Friday, March 27, 2009

Public Service

So, for the third year running, Charmin's Interactive Marketing Department (I made that up) installed special public restrooms in Times Square during the 2008 Holiday Season. If we'd only known, we would have gone to New York City for the Holidays! There's always next year.

Meanwhile, in today's news, Charmin has now sponsored SitOrSquat, a clean bathroom locator, for those with kids, traveling, or who have simply had too much tea to drink and are out and about. Which is why they have made apps for BlackBerry and iPhone. They thought of everything!

The site is still in Beta but you can check it out here.

It's is all part of what's known as "Public Service Marketing." Marketplace had the story this morning.

But if anyone in the NYC area has had experience with the Times Square public toilets, do share!

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