Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Burning Down the House

Someone has a problem with outhouses. Specifically, construction site outhouses. What is it? Do they have something against construction workers? Is it a disgruntled former construction worker who rages against the indignity of having had to use a porta-potty in his working days, but was fired, and therefore takes his revenge by burning down construction site outhouses in Russian Hill and other San Francisco neighborhoods, thereby preventing current construction employees from relieving themselves while on the job? Or is it that this person has something against public displays of waste management? It could be a whole new breed of psychosis.

Police could dub him all kinds of fun nicknames. As of January 10th of this year, he, she, it, or they, were reported to have burned down a total of 14 toilets in that general area. And, "In some cases, the arsonist has broken into locked toilets to burn them, police said," courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle. As of February 10th, 19 porta-potties were reported to have been burned. The terror continues.

Clearly, this person will stop at nothing to prevent ugly blue boxes of sanitation from marring our beautiful city streets.

A Google map of the porta-potty arsonist's target locations can be found here.

"Burn, baby, burn!"

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