Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Great American Rest Stop

So, my friends who traveled across country this past summer (the country of the United States, that is), had some good things to say about rest stops.

Here is a picture of the "Fat Kiwi," their trusty traveling companion.

State 'rest stops' can take a variety of forms, it seems. They're very useful as emergency campsites for the night. Our favourite so far is one in Montana. It looks like a park, with restrooms. But any restrooms which are heated at 6am on a cold morning win, in our opinion.

Ditto for the heated rest stops. Especially in the middle of winter.

Ah, how we miss the rest stops on I-90 between Boston and Cleveland, OH. I know them well. With their mini-arcades just outside the door, and the sunglass hut, over there. I can picture their paper towel dispensers - or lack thereof - and their functional but useless hand dryers. Their long banks of sinks. Their black stall doors. And the smell of Burger King, just outside. We miss you, I-90 rest stops. We miss you all.

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jessiesinger said...

lucky me! i got to rekindle my love affair with I-90 rest stops over spring break this year... boston to richmond, indiana. next time i'll stop in cleveland for a while. :)