Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seats Up!

In honor of all the dads out there, and brothers, cousins, granddads, potential dads, lovers, guys with girlfriends, husbands, etc., I just wanted to offer this humble tribute to leaving the toilet seat UP.

Yeah, I get that we're women and due to various anatomical differences, we have to actually use the toilet seat more often. Plus we get to have the babies and other related inconveniences. But ladies, really, is it THAT much of a problem to just put the toilet seat DOWN once in a while? Does it really ruin your day? Does it make you miss a meeting with your boss?

Maybe. But the point is, think about your man. How inconvenient it must be to have to walk into a bathroom all the time (in your own home, no less), and have to lift the toilet seat UP, when all you're thinking about is how much you have to pee. And then you have to put it DOWN again for that annoying girlfriend of yours who won't leave you alone about it, as if it were the biggest deal-breaker in your relationship. You know there are more important things in life.

Which is why you forget to put it down before you leave the bathroom, and get an earful later on. Annoying, right?

So I'm just saying, girls, next time you go in the bathroom, and you see that toilet seat up, and you feel all aggravated by it, stop and think for a second that what that really means is that there is a guy in the house who loves you enough to put the toilet seat up for you.

Guys, consider this my public service announcement for the day.

Now go get yourself this T-Shirt.

We love you, Dads!

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Sweetpea said...

I used to really be bothered by this. Now I have a 4 year old, and I'm just happy if he lifts the seat instead of peeing all over it! I'm all for seats up. The only problem is when I have to pee early in the morning and I don't pay attention and basically fall in. That's no fun.