Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Remember the Toilets

In the spirit of Memorial Day, the TP Blog has this submission from Steve (a relative of ours), who served in Saudi Arabia and Iraq during the Gulf War.

"Toilets were an experience in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. At one encampment, we had a special duty assignment.

Every morning the "honey pots" were collected from under the several 4-holer outhouses, transported outside the camp, and--with diesel liberally splashed within--lit on fire. At the right edge you can see the hand of someone wielding the stir stick. No one wanted their face captured doing this task.

I was sure glad I was a sergeant so I only had to supervise the people who actually performed this noble task!"

- S.

(note: Interesting that they are called "Honeypots" - reminiscent of this previous Post)

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