Friday, July 24, 2009

Handy Dandies

This was so ridiculous, we just couldn't resist. Agent Dave (who didn't know he was scouting for us) unearthed these fashionable gems: Handerpants! The, um, underwear for your hands!

Featured on Archie McPhee, they also have their own website, detailing their many and varied useful attributes, including "distracts enemies." I'll say. Probably distracts anybody!

At first, this had me thinking, what dastardly deed are my hands going to be doing for which I would need handerpants? Then I realized, they are just so freakin' stylish, the way they're constructed with that blue-and-white wristband and the seams that look just like the seams on real men's underwear!

Dave suggests they should come in "boxers." I think they should expand to patterns, like plaid and Superman. But I also think a little Hello Kitty and some flowers and stars are in order. Everyone knows girls love to wear pretend girly-decorated boys' underwear. This will go over great with the high school crowd! And check out the brilliant video they made, as a tribute to Billy Mays. You'll be so convinced, you won't know how you ever lived without them!

At $11.95, we think the TP blog could totally rock these. And don't forget your Handerpants ringtones!

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