Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrities in Toilet Land

Well, we all just got our fill (maybe) of celebrity-watching with the Oscars this past weekend. But here's one celebrity shot you probably didn't see on the red carpet:

World Toilet Day was actually a while ago (November 19th). But according to this Ecostilletto article, Matt Damon took a "potty break" to make a vlog with YouTube's Shaycarl (who was pretty excited to be vlogging with Matt Damon apparently) to raise money for water.org, of which Matt Damon is co-founder. Co-founder? Matt Damon? Yup. You heard that right. His pics are on the website, even. And you can watch the vlog at the bottom of the article.

Look at that - a celebrity who gives a sh*t. Aww....

And really, who can't love Matt Damon with that fabulous neckwear?

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