Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Molotch Cocktail

Whoa! Check it out: another toilet blog! It's the companion blog to the book Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing, as reviewed in the Atlantic Monthly, with a pretty spiffy slideshow.

This looks like a book the TP Blog can really get behind. It is a collection of essays by various types of scholars (historians, cultural analysts, etc.) and edited by NYU sociologist Harvey Molotch and doctoral student Laura Norén. There are 12 articles, discussing architecture, gender segregation, class, disability and "the gross factor" (i.e. issues of disgust and cleanliness). Plus that whole public versus private thing.

There are some pretty great images in the slide show. This is one of my favorites:

Such a pretty urinal! Except I wonder if it's weird to take a piss in such a beautiful flower. Or maybe you guys like that kind of thing.

See the rest of the slide show here.

{Photo: Clark Sorenson, via Atlantic Monthly and Toilet (the book)}

Thanks to Agent NH for scouting this one out!


plumbing said...

Never ever throw a toilet paper in the toilet because it might clog the toilet. By the way, I also like the flower urinal. Nice blog anyway. Keep it up!

Patrick said...

Wow, that Flower Urinal is something else... it's a bit too pretty for it's designed purpose. Awesome post!

the humble brony bundle said...

lmao at the flower urinal. this is great stuff.