Friday, November 5, 2010

PSA of the Day

We already love the Oatmeal, purveyor of clever, quirky comickery. We also love actual Oatmeal, but that's a different story. We love it that much more when the big O decides to tackle public toilets! Namely, those annoying, flimsy seat-cover things that give you the illusion of a sanitary toilet-going experience.

Of course, why should we say it when Matthew Inman says it so well?

I will say this. When I moved across the country the to San Francisco area, I noticed those seat covers in public bathrooms a lot more. They must have them in Boston, I just don't remember them being a common fixture. Or maybe I just didn't grow up using them. I cringe to think of the nastiness I must have encountered unawares as a small child. But now I realize there are many more options, besides the awkward hover, which tends to not be conducive to actually relieving oneself. A clean toilet seat is always appreciated. Or, like the saying my friend's parents had on the wall in their bathroom, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat, and wipe the seat."

I think a portable cloth seat cover with non-slip coating on the bottom would be quite useful. You could fold it up, put it in a carrying case, and take it home and wash it. At least you'd know it was only your bum that touched it! By the way, if you're reading this, and you think that's a good idea, consider this idea copyrighted. (Which means if you go and produce it, then I will expect some of the profits! There it is, in writing, just like my lawyer says.)

Or, if you like the Oatmeal's idea, you could always just bring your own spray cleaner to the bathroom with you, if you feel that strongly about it. Well, enjoy!

And you can thank us later...

{Thanks to new Agent AP for bringing this to our attention, and all credit for the images to The Oatmeal!}

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