Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you really gotta "glow"

Agent Dave has found us this glowing treasure from, based in the UK. All right, so it's too far to get a truckload of glowing toilet paper delivered to your doorstep in one of their lorries - but if you live in England, you can!

Gadget No. 1016: It looks like normal loo roll, it feels like normal loo roll and it can be flushed away like normal loo roll, but this neat invention contains phosphors which give off a soft green glow when exposed to light.

Hm, sounds shady to, glowy? I really cannot vouch for the safety of this product. I, personally, feel a bit uncomfortable about shoving a wad of glowing tissue paper "where the sun don't shine" because I figure it doesn't shine there for a reason. So I think I'd prefer to keep it that way.

However, you could always use your glowing TP roll to shed some light on your sudoku puzzle:

{Photos courtesy of GadgetShop}

1 comment:

Chris Blamire said...

Finally... some creative, interesting toilet paper. Hopefully we will have it in Australia soon. Thanks for the post.