Monday, May 25, 2009

Just Like Home

Last weekend, I attended an art opening at the Mina Dresden Gallery in the Mission. When I got there, I of course had to use the bathroom. What I found was a bathroom that seriously resembled someone's personal bathroom. My first thought was, well, at least I know if I need to take a shower after some art viewing, I can do that. Turns out the owner of the gallery and her family live in a loft upstairs, and this bathroom is, in fact, their personal bathroom.

That explained why the shower still seemed to be damp, and the colored towels were hung casually over the curtain rod. But I especially like the big mirror with the white-painted leafy-looking frame and the old-fashioned style scale tucked in behind the toilet.

Going into a bathroom is a good way to get your bearings about a place, and here I felt very comfortable. I felt like a guest in someone's house. That's because I was, technically speaking.

When I spoke to the owner, Ms. Dresden, she said she always felt a little odd allowing the public to use her bathroom, but what could she do? She would have to install a second bathroom for public use. Not a tiny project. She also considered not allowing anyone to use it, but I, for one, am thankful that she hasn't done that.

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